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    Jusy like the parable of the mustard seed, we believe everything big grows from a small beginning.

    Your next big thing, your next business, begins with the small seed that you are planting today.

    Mustard group is here to help you plant that seed.
    Welcome, Talk to us.

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    01.06. M-SAVE Achieves Milestone 1
    After 2 years of strategizing, M-SAVE got major leads last week including office space, partnerships and clients. M-SAVE Crew led by Whitney Njiru is to move to the new office this week.

    01.06. to be launched, July 7th.
    Share the creativity, spread the laughter. is to be lauched on July 7th coinciding with the 4th year of the mother page: MIT

    01.06. Get Your Website today
    In every person lays so much potential. That talent, that potential needs to be exposed. This in in line with Mustard's principle of everything big begins small.

    01.06. iScribe Secures new outsourcing clients.
    iScribe signed a new deal with Canadian based iTranscribe for transcription services. We are definitely in need of more agents, check careers in the next week

  • Events

    FIFA 12

    Everyone is leaving the stress of work and coming down for FIFA 2012. This Madaraka day.

    Pivot East

    Ole Sereni is the place to be for this year's Pivot East. Tukutane huko.


    There will be a random hacks of kindness event this sato 2nd June at Red Court Hotel entrance free

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